PROmpterPRO  has several complexes of the prompter software on the territory of Ukraine. All of them are divided into two groups according to the technical operating principles:


Each one is equipped with the latest technologies in teleprompting. The application of a certain type depends on the performance challenges and opportunities on the working area.


Rostrum prompters (presidential) represent a complex consisting of: 

- two equal prompt-bases located on both sides of the rostrum, or at the location of the speaker; 

- set switching; 

- control computer with the necessary software.

The mandatory condition during working with such prompters is the moment of "binding" with a speaker to the clearly defined point, because the text is not seen from the other positions. It allows placing the other participants in the speaker’s back. This equipment has been equally successfully applied at the indoor area (halls) and at the open areas (streets) in the day and stage lighting.

Podium prompters are a complex consisting of: 
   - two or more prompt-bases (monitors) situated on the scene front line; 
   - set switching; 
   - control computer with the necessary software. 

The mandatory condition during working with such prompters is the presence of the stage sufficient depth for the speaker’s location (at least 5 meters from the front line). The "binding" of a speaker to a clearly defined point is not required. But the text is visible for a speaker and all present people at the area. It is ideally fitted for dialogues on stage between several participants, or the event conducted by one or more presenters. 

It is enough to have one or two rehearsals (including the rehearsal video recording in order to correct movements) and you will feel the simplicity and convenience of working with the prompters.

The president Obama is an experienced and talented orator. But as a person whose position requires responsibility for every word he said, understands the necessity and convenience of using this equipment. And he works with it perfectly!

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